Philips OLED909 TV: price update

In addition to the indicative prices of the Philips OLED8909 Oled TV series, those of the Philips OLED909 are also now known.

The Philips OLED909 series has three references, the Philips 55OLED909 (55'', 140 cm), Philips 65OLED909 (65'', 165 cm) and Philips 77OLED909 (77'', 196 cm). These televisions (on the left in the photo below) integrate almost all the equipment of the Philips 65OLED959 television (on the right in the photo below), modulo the sound section, the P5 processor and the Ambilight system.

Philips OLED909, 3.1 sound section signed Bowers & Wilkins££££

On Philips OLED909 TV we find a 3.1 sound section (and not 5.1.2 as on the 65OLED959), still signed Bowers & Wilkins. The LCR (Left, Center, Right) configuration centers around two new custom-developed, high-output 30 x 50mm drivers, plus a 19mm titanium dome tweeter for each channel. By adding the 75mm subwoofer placed at the rear, the Philips OLED909 TVs have a total of 10 speakers.

Each speaker is covered in slate-colored Kadvrat Audiomix fabric. We must also mention four 45 x 65 mm passive membranes to reinforce the impact of the bass. The maximum power delivered, through 8 digital amplification channels, displays 81 W, and each channel benefits from its own rigid compartment for efficient acoustic isolation, a wide soundstage and perfectly intelligible dialogue. Please note, Philips OLED909 TVs can accommodate a subwoofer as reinforcement for those who wish.

Philips OLED909, 4-sided Ambilight function ££££

The 4-sided Ambilight function is required. As a reminder, for two years the latter has managed the color diodes placed at the back of the TV, around the edge of the panel, independently and no longer by group of diodes, for significantly more precise synchronization with the images displayed on the screen. screen. Finally, the new Ambilight Aurora gallery feature, rich in numerous onboard images and videos, allows so many exclusive artistic ambiances in your living room.

Philips OLED909, P5 Gen8££££

On the menu of Philips OLED909 TV, the eighth generation of the P5 processor mixed with artificial intelligence for a magnified HDR experience. Suitable content is optimized according to ambient light, with the HDR Advanced function working both in bright conditions and in low light (dark room). Ambient Intelligence V3 mode manages contrast in real time, increasing or decreasing, in phase with the images displayed. The goal ? Immediately adapt to the brightness of dimly lit scenes or reduce clipping in very bright scenes.

Philips OLED909 TV, new Game Bar££££

Of course, the Game Bar is still present on Philips OLED909 TVs. This allows users to quickly access game-related settings and change them on the fly without wasting time. The native 144 Hz panel, MEMC Gaming motion compensation processing and Dolby Vision Gaming HDR provide an exceptional video gaming experience. For example, Smooth mode offers hyper-smooth movement with minimal Input Lag, 40 ms compared to 200 ms last year. The player can choose from several game profiles (FPS, RPG, etc.). The same goes for Ambilight. Namely, the Game Bar displays an fps counter (number of frames per second) to best configure the parameters of a game.

Philips OLED909 TV, Oled Meta 2.0 panel ££££

Meta 2.0 technology, based among other things on a 3D analysis process to improve the angles and curvature of the MLA lenses, allows a light output in rise. Associated with the Multi Booster process, the light peak is announced at 3,000 nits. Finally, the Detail Enhancer function allows you to display more details at the top and bottom of the dynamic range, i.e. in dark and light areas.

Philips OLED909 TV, £££ connectivity £

There are two HDMI 2.1 inputs (plus two HDMI 2.0) with eARC, VRR (40 Hz to 144 Hz), HFR 4K/120, ALLM, FreeSync Premium Pro and G-Sync compatibility.

Philips OLED909 TV, HDR10+ Adaptive, HDR HLG and HDR Dolby Vision££££

Apart from the brilliant Ambilight process in its four-sided version, compatibility with HDR Dolby Vision technologies up to Ultra HD 4K and 120 Hz, HDR HLG and HDR10+ Adaptive are still required. The same goes for the Smart Google TV function. As well as Matter and Control4 compatibilities.

More details in future news. Marketing planned for spring.

Indicative prices:

• €2,299 for the Philips 55OLED909

• €3,299 for the Philips 65OLED909

• €5,499 for the Philips 77OLED909

UPDATE: the Philips OLED909 TV series features the P5 Gen8 processor and not P5 Dual Engine Gen8 as initially announced. The latter is exclusive to the Philips 65OLED959.