Los Angeles Plays Itself, Once Upon a Time… City of Angels

“If we can appreciate documentaries for their dramatic qualities, perhaps we can also appreciate fiction films for their documentary revelations,” says director Thom Andersen about his ambitious work, Los Angeles Plays Itself.

With more than 200 film excerpts (Chinatown, Blade Runner, LA Confidential, Mulholland Drive among others), this unique documentary takes us through the City of Angels, between fantasy and reality. A dense and critical portrait of the sprawling megalopolis whose cinematography fabricates and deconstructs the clichés of the Hollywood dream machine.

Los Angeles all the way

Announced on September 5 on Blu-Ray and DVD from Carlotta, Los Angeles Plays Itself will be available in the original English version DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 with French subtitles, in 1.78 aspect ratio.

In addition, a short film by the director: The Tony Longo Trilogy (2014, 14 minutes), a portrait of the actor, emblematic figure of action cinema and customary in secondary roles (The Price of Power, Mulholland Drive, The Game of Revenge), the film's trailer and a 32-page booklet in which Thom Andersen immerses us in the history of the city of cinema and invites the American historian Mike Davis for a sociological approach. Indicative price: 20 euros.