Star Wars watches, in the age of AI

The AI program Midjourney strikes again with lifelike virtual Star Wars watches.

Designer Sarang Sheth of the Yankodesign site had fun with Midjourney, a program using artificial intelligence (AI) to generate images from textual descriptions. Purpose of the maneuver, to create watches and clocks on the theme of Star Wars characters.

Small mistake by Mijourney around the term “skeleton”

A few beautiful pieces emerge which, by the way, show the current limitations of the program, which is however evolving day by day. Thus, when asked to create a skeleton watch with the effigy of Darth Vader, Midjourney gives a skeletal look to the Sith lord, instead of making the mechanisms of the device apparent (principle of a skeleton watch).

Ding dong, it's Grogu

The Millenium Falcon watch also failed to sport the shape of Han Solo's famous spaceship, even though it has its characteristic chiselled texture. Despite these temporary misunderstandings, Midjourney still generates incredible models of realism. Honestly, who wouldn't want to get their hands on this adorable Din Grogu bedside clock?