Mike Tyson in Franck Gastambide's comedy Medellín, trailer

Prime Video has just unveiled the first trailer for Medellin, the new feature film by Franck Gastambide.

To save his little brother from the hands of dangerous narcos of the Medellín cartel, Reda has a plan as simple as it is completely insane: assemble a team and raid Colombia!

A big surprise


In two minutes of trailer, we find all the markers of the previous films and series of the actor director screenwriter (Pattaya, Taxi 5, Validé), namely stunts and valves galore. Without forgetting a guest as prestigious as it is sympathetic: Mike Tyson (Franck Gastambide himself seems to be amazed in his tweet of the day, see below).

June 2 on Prime Video

The Franck Gastambide-Ramzy Bedia tandem immediately refers to the memorable one formed by Pierre Richard and Gérard Depardieu in The goat and The compères. And we have to admit that in the register of popular action comedy, Medellín and its seemingly hectic pace already seems to tick all the boxes.

Anouar Toubali (Pattaya), Brahim Bouhlel (Validated), Raymond Cruz (Breaking Bad) and Essined Aponte (SWAT) complete a well-regarded and well-known distribution. To discover from June 2, 2023 on Prime Video.