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CES 23 > LG soundbar 2022, Wow Orchestra update coming soon…

Among the audio announcements from the manufacturer LG at the next CES show in Las Vegas, in addition to the three brand new references LG SC95, LG S77S and LG SE6S (click to find out more about these products) already presented in our columns, an important update Firmware update is on the program for owners of vintage 2022 soundbars, in order to take advantage of the new features embedded in 2023 soundbars. Damn good news.

Confirmed directly by LG, all of the new features of the 2023 LG SC95 vintage soundbar (including the Wow Orchestra process) will be available via update on the LG SQ95R marketed in 2022.

Wow Orchestra function on the entire LG soundbar range 2022 and 2023, or almost…

In other good news, Wow Orchestra mode will be added to the LG S90QY, LG S80QR, LG S80QY and LG S75Q soundbars released last year. Similarly, VRR and HFR 4K/120 Hz compatibility will be on the menu of the LG S90QY, LG S80QR and LG S80QY.

Last precision, LG plans to release the Firmware update in 2023 (Editor's note: don't understand before summer 2023).