4K Ultra HD 2023, Pathé sends heavy

Sequel to the “2023 4K Ultra HD Indiscretions” series. After the publisher ESC Éditions, make way for Pathé.

In addition to the figures for the best-selling 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray France, the press conference organized by Ultra HD Partners France this week in Paris was an opportunity to meet all the video editors at once and to learn more about their upcoming 4K releases in 2023.

3 rooms, three atmospheres

Three "big" titles in very different genres are expected in 4K Ultra HD format from Pathé (already behind the 4K Apocalypse Now Final Cut and the best-selling publisher to date on this medium): Asterix & Obélix the Middle Empire by Guillaume Canet (June 7, 2023), The Three Musketeers: D'Artagan by Martin Bourboulon (August 9, 2023) and Le Samouraï by Jean-Pierre Melville (probably in the 2nd quarter of 2023). See you probably in 2023 for more details.