The iPhone 14 calls for help… in roller coaster attractions

Perhaps a little too sensitive, the crash detection function of the new iPhone 14s sometimes triggers when you least expect it.

You surely know that the iPhone 14 are equipped with sensors that detect if they are shaken violently as in a car accident, and then automatically offer to call for help. A feature that works well, tested by crazy Youtubers, but apparently works too well.

iPhone 14, help called in amusement parks

Indeed, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article, iPhone 14 crash detection is triggered at theme park attractions. The speed and sudden changes of some roller coasters are indeed interpreted by smart phones as accidents. After being jolted around, the device takes about twenty seconds to call for help, and by the time people get off the attraction, the emergency services are already on their way to rescue them…nothing at all.

Crash detection is available on iPhone 14, Apple Watch 8, SE and Ultra. So if you ever go for a ride at Disney, Asterix or the others, consider deactivating the function, or switching to Airplane mode before doing a roller coaster.