Smart TV Samsung 2022, the Gaming Hub is here (GeForce Now, Google Stadia, Xbox, Twitch…)

Announced and previewed at the CES show in Las Vegas last January, the Samsung Gaming Hub is coming to Samsung 2022 Smart TVs (unfortunately not the previous ranges) with the ambition of establishing itself as the ultimate aggregator of video game services via Cloud. To play your favorite games without a console or PC, just with a controller, keyboard and/or mouse.

Created to respond to the constant increase in content offers via streaming - films, TV series, video games, concerts, etc. -, Samsung has therefore completely revised its Smart Hub on its 2022 Smart TVs in the Google TV style (cf. picture below). In order to navigate more easily in the various program offers and, above all, to offer simple and quick access to the desired content. And among these, we now take advantage of the Samsung Gaming Hub already rich in many Cloud Gaming platforms, while waiting for new announcements soon…

Samsung 2022 Smart TV, New Smart Hub

In addition to a horizontal presentation of program content and sources, a specific area for recommendations (based on the user's viewing and gaming habits) is required. The latter includes the service offers to which you have subscribed for easy access. Another new element, which is of primary interest to us here, is a vertical bar on the left to quickly move from one category to another (Media/Content, Art/Ambient and Gaming Hub). Of course, it is also possible to customize your screen.

Samsung 2022 Smart TV, New Gaming Hub

To return to the Gaming Hub, available today as a reminder, it brings together the main Cloud Gaming services on the market at the click of a button. Thus, we discover Google Stadia, GeForce Now signed nVidia or the Xbox application to take advantage of its Game Pass Ultimate subscription directly on its television. Other platforms should soon appear, Twitch for example or Amazon Luna (availability announced only in the USA for the moment)…

Last clarification, in addition to Samsung 2022 Smart TVs, the Samsung Gaming Hub is also available on the 2022 Smart Monitor screen range.