Kef KC92, new force-cancelling subwoofer (1,000 W!)

Successor to the KF92 (click to discover the complete product test by the AVcesar editorial team), the new compact subwoofer Kef KC92 with a power of 1,000 watts is presented by its creator as the best ever developed in its workshops. As such, it is also the perfect companion for Kef LSX, Kef LS50 Meta or Kef LS50 Wireless II stereo speakers, but also for a 5.0 pack (for example Kef R series speakers) for Home Cinema sessions powerful as can be.

In view of the presentation of the latest addition from the famous English speaker manufacturer, there is no doubt that the Kef KC92 with force cancellation (two speakers placed back-to-back) will be a milestone in the production of the brand and the subwoofer market, like the Kef KC62 which has become a benchmark in the field. In terms of developments in the KC92, compared to the KF92, lies the use of P-Flex Surround technology providing increased resistance to acoustic pressure (SPL level twice that of the KC62, see below).

Kef KC92, a nice look££££

For the rest, the Kef KC92 has the merit of achieving several feats. The first is aesthetic and consists of not attracting the wrath of women. Although its size is larger than that of the KC62, it remains contained and almost identical to the KF92. It offers a more sophisticated and softer design, a mix of the KF92 and KC62 with, for example, rounded edges.

Kef KC92, zoom on P-Flex Surround technologies££££

The frequency response is identical to that of the KC62, capable of going down to 11 Hz (-3dB), 200 Hz at other end. The two 9'' (22.86 cm) drivers with hybrid structure, paper cone covered with a thin concave aluminum sheet, are mounted back-to-back. Thus, the advantage of the principle of force cancellation is still in place (as a reminder, the latter makes it possible to drastically reduce vibrations inside the subwoofer housing) and to double the output power (+6 dB) to achieve a Max SPL level of 110 dB.

Then, the Kef KC92 also benefits from a new suspension called P-Flex Surround. Its innovative pleated design allows it to resist the air pressure internal to the case, here increased in relation to its size. This is to avoid using traditional semi-rollers generally used to counter increased acoustic pressure, but at the cost of a significant addition of mass and additional distortion.

Kef KC92, built-in Music Integrity Engine functionality££££

Everything passes to the Music Integrity Engine filter, basically a selection of DSP algorithms that constantly analyze the signal to avoid the risk of clipping. And as indicated in the title of this news, the total power of the Kef KC92 provided by Class D amplification displays 1,000 W (500 W for each HP).

Kef KC92, Kef KW1 wireless module££££

Besides its acoustic characteristics, there is a very interesting feature of the Kef KC92, it is the Kef KW1 wireless module (5 GHz) . Thus, with a range of 30 m, it is possible to place the KC92 very freely in a room. Signal transfer is ensured up to 48 Hz/24 bits.

Kef KC92, settings and connections££££

It is also on the rear panel that it is possible to activate/deactivate the low pass filter (LFE), to adjust the frequency of cutoff (from 40 Hz to 140 Hz), adjust the phase (0°-180°), configure the high level output via four switches, disconnect the ground, and finally, select one of the five audio presets according to the listening room and/or the placement of the KC92 (in a corner, against a wall, etc.). One of them, called Apartment, corresponds to a Night mode offered by an amplifier to benefit from low frequencies without disturbing the neighbors.

Finally, we must also point out the rich connectivity at the back of the Kef KC62, allowing numerous possibilities for its integration into a stereo or Home Cinema system: mono connection via LFE, low level RCA stereo input, high-level Euroblock type terminal block input, SmartConnect connection capable of detecting mono or stereo sound tracks to adjust the gain, and therefore the volume, of the subwoofer accordingly, RCA stereo output for connecting a second KC92 subwoofer (via a single RCA terminal block, right and left, by subwoofer) or by cable via a terminal block (LFE then Line input/output) or use the KC92 within a 2.1 system as a high-pass filter for the main speakers by inserting it just after the amplifier via Line input/output.

Availability, in white or satin black for the most beautiful effect. Indicative price: 2,399 euros.

Reminder of the key characteristics of the Kef KC92:

• Type: enclosed subwoofer

• Power: 1,000 W RMS

• Amplification: Class D

• High- speakers: 2 x 22.86 cm woofer

• Crossover frequency: 40 Hz - 140 Hz

• Frequency response: 11 Hz - 200 Hz

• Response at -6 dB: 18 Hz

• Variable active filter: yes

• Phase inverter: yes, 0°-180°

• Connections: 1 stereo RCA input/output, 1 mono RCA LFE input, 1 stereo input High Euroblock type level

• Other: KW1 wireless modules

• Dimensions (L x H x D): 352.5 x 330 x 360.5 mm

• Weight: 20 kg