Royal Crackers S2: Succession anime version

Season 2 of the adult animated series Royal Crackers, produced by the little prodigies at Adult Swim, will be broadcast in US+24 on Prime Video via the Warner Pass from March 1.

The venerable CEO of Royal Crakers, once a thriving specialist in savory biscuits, is becoming doddering. Stebe and Théo, his two sons, are trying to take back the reins of the family heritage despite their prodigious creative and business nullity.

Season 2 new on Prime Video+Pass Warner on March 1££££

Produced by the American channel Adult Swim (Rick and Morty) and imagined by the insolent Jason Ruiz (Murder Police), Royal Crackers is a sort of humorous and trashy version of Succession. Among the many voices in the series are Jessica St Clair (How I Met your Mother) and Andrew Santino (Acharnés).

Season 1, broadcast in the USA in 2023 and still visible in France on Prime Video via the Warner Pass, was a great success. Will the second era, proposed in US+24, repeat the feat? Reply March 1.