Ferrari, Vroomesque trailer

To the sound of engines, almost without dialogue, the next film from one of the greatest filmmakers of recent decades (The Last of the Mohicans, Heat, The Solitaire, Collateral, Miami Vice, Hacker) is revealed in a trailer as dry as it is powerful. Ready ?

The trailer has just been released by Prime Video, which bought the film for its distribution in France. Even if the director suspected that his film would one day be available on a streaming platform, he above all shot it and designed it for its theatrical release. An additional guarantee of freedom for the director (remember that he supervised the cult series Miami Vice for television in the 80s), the acquisition by Prime Video was made after the filming of Ferrari, and not beforehand. .

The film Ferrari tells the story of the famous car manufacturer who, in 1957, faces bankruptcy and a crumbling marriage with his wife (Penélope Cruz). With his team, he will stake everything on a roll of the dice by launching a 1,000-mile race across Italy. These first images smell incredibly good. Released March 8 on Prime Video.