Less paid streaming, more FAST and savings

With the proliferation of free services, streaming viewing habits are starting to change.

According to a recent study conducted by the Omdia firm, consumption habits of streaming services are taking a new direction.

Rationalization of expenses, progression of free££££

Previously, consumers tended to subscribe to several platforms to access more content, but now they are becoming more selective. Thus in April 2023 each American household was subscribed to an average of 3.5 services, a figure which fell by 10% from November 2023. At the same time, the viewing of content offered by Fast-type platforms is steadily progressing (see graph below).

A word to Maria Rua Aguete from Omdia££££

“After more than half a decade of steady growth, we are seeing a shift in the way paid video services are consumed, says Maria Rua Aguete from Omdia. The traditional model of stacking several paid services is losing ground. A situation partly driven by the growing popularity of free, advertising-supported television (FAST) channels, which are becoming a preferred choice for consuming additional content. This change is particularly observed in the United States, Brazil and the United Kingdom. There is no doubt that it will eventually be exported everywhere else in the world.