France: mobile internet overtakes computers (or almost)

In France, the inflection point was reached in 2022: internet access takes place more on mobile than on computer. Even if the latter has not said his last word.

For the very first time since it was possible to go on the internet with a mobile device in France (smartphone and tablet), it was in 2022 that more people used the latter rather than a computer to connect online.

France, 6 years after the world…££££

At the end of 2022, around 47% of traffic in France was done on a computer, 51% on a smartphone (less than 3% on Tablet). A great performance when we know that ten years ago, this figure was below 5%. As a reminder, this tipping point for the entire world was reached in 2016 (we told you about it then). This information is provided by StatCounter, one of the largest internet statistics agencies which bases its results on several billion page views per month and several million websites.

The still powerful computer££££

Small nuance to be clarified however: at the start of 2024 in France, the computer has moved back in front of the smartphone, 49.55% usage for the first and 47.99% for the second. But it is certainly a last burst before the mobile continues its ascent. Illustration: Statista