In March, the iPhone finally bows to Europe

It is with the iOS 17.4 update scheduled for March that major changes will arrive on iPhone in order to comply with European legislation.

The iPhone ecosystem is about to be disrupted like never before since the launch of the App Store in 2008. Apple recently communicated the changes that will arrive in the iOS 17.4 update scheduled for next March, in order to comply with European legislation which requires greater openness to avoid anti-competitive abuses.

Summary of the most important developments…££££

• Alternatives to the App Store: it will be possible to download new online stores and download applications there which do not necessarily respect the rules from Apple. Developers can choose alternative payment methods, reducing the percentage paid to Apple. • Access to the NFC chip: direct payments via NFC with the iPhone were previously reserved for the ApplePay application. In the 27 countries of the European Union, including France, third-party payment applications can also be used on iPhone to make direct purchases

• Alternative browsers: Safari will no longer be the default internet browsing application . Users will be able to choose another default application, including Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Brave and Microsoft Edge.