Pasolini's Theorem, the scandalous 1968 film restored in 4K

A difficult, radical work, Théorème constitutes Pasolini's most famous film. Restored in 4K, it returns to film libraries in Collector's Edition Digibook format offering a Blu-Ray, a DVD and a 60-page book signed Hervé Joubert.

When it hit the screens in 1968, Théorème (Teorema in original version) caused a scandal. Accused by some of obscenity, praised by the progressive wing of critics, Pier Paolo Pasolini's film tells the story of a Milanese bourgeois family who, one day, welcome a 25-year-old ephebe (David Hemmings ). Upon contact with the young man, the father, a rich industrialist, the mother (magnificent Silvana Mangano), the two children and the maid, will reveal their hidden side. When the stranger leaves, the wife will give herself to the first comer, the son will have had a homosexual experience while the maid will throw herself from the roof of the house.

A saving edition when we remember the previous master, far from being free from reproaches, dating back more than thirty years and full of dirt and other tingling. A 4K restoration but “only” a Blu-Ray in the end which will be available on February 29, accompanied by copious bonuses to better understand this cornerstone of Italian and world cinema (€24.99 indicative price, from Sidonis Calista ) :

• Documentary on Pier Pasolini, The Death of a Poet, by Laura Betty (89 minutes)

• Interview with Henri Chapier (26 minutes)

• Interview with producer Pierre Kalfon (26 minutes)

• Italian VO and English VO