The Abyss 4K Ultra HD, pre-order open

One of the 4K Ultra HD Blu-Rays and one of the most anticipated Blu-Rays in video history, The Abyss, is finally in sight. On the other hand, the date announced by online stores appears fanciful... To be sure not to miss it as soon as it is released, it is already possible to pre-order it.

Scheduled for March 12, 2024 in the United States, the 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray/Blu-Ray box set of the film The Abyss by James Cameron will most certainly be available in France before June 30, 2025, the date today communicated by the online stores. Which means that the release date has not yet been finalized in our region…

The Abyss 4K Ultra HD, technical specifications

As a reminder, the specifications of the US edition mention the presence in the box set of the two versions, 145 minutes and 171 minutes, of the HDR10 and HDR Dolby Vision labels, of a Dolby Atmos VO, of a DTS-HD VF High Resolution, 2.39 format, all on a triple layer disc (99 GB).

The Abyss 4K Ultra HD, bonuses

On the bonus side, the making of Under Pressure: making the Abyss, the doc The Legacy of the Abyss, the interview with the maestro Deep Dive: a Conversation with James Cameron, and archives on the film offered at the time of its cinema release. Without going too far, we can think that the French edition will be, if not identical in all respects, at best very close to that of the US.

• Click on the following link to pre-order the 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray/Blu-Ray box set of the film The Abyss