5G modem, Apple abandons?

In development since 2020, Apple's internally manufactured 5G iPhone chip project could simply be abandoned.

Not long ago, we reported (once again) that Apple was still not ready to replace the 5G modems of iPhones with its own chip, despite development started in 2020, after the company bought part of the electronics giant Intel.

5G iPhone modem, Qualcomm still essential

The difficulties experienced by Apple would be such that the company would simply abandon the project. This is what the “leaker” Eyes1122 reports on the Korean blog Naver, supported by the other “leaker” Tech_Reve who cites sources from Japanese component suppliers. Bloomberg reported recently, but also the Wall Street Journal in September, Apple would encounter too many technical problems, enough to withdraw from the project and therefore continue to rely on third-party manufacturers (currently Qualcomm) for the 5G modem for the iPhone.