Foldable iPhone in 2025 or 2026, it's becoming clearer but...

Apple is taking its time to launch into the foldable screen smartphone market. And the American firm could test the waters beforehand with a foldable iPad.

Last year, rumors already said that Apple would launch a foldable iPad before launching into the field of smartphones with a foldable screen. Information recently confirmed by the Taiwanese media Digitimes via its sources within Apple supplier companies.

Rumor of a foldable Apple iPad in 2025

We thus learn that small-scale production of tablets with foldable screens would be launched at the end of 2024, beginning of 2025 at the latest, for a release in 2025 therefore. Apple has been working on foldable screen devices for four years now, but continues to perfect its concepts. The company is also already in talks with Samsung Display and LG Display to acquire the famous screens.

Foldable screen, Apple focuses on the hinges and the folding brand

One of Apple's goals is to simplify the design of folding hinges to reduce the number of their components, in order to facilitate production and reduce costs. The absence of fold marks on the screen is also important for the company. And if Apple first wants to start with a foldable iPad rather than a foldable iPhone, it is mainly for two reasons: iPadOS is more suited to an interface for a foldable device, and the tablet market is smaller than that of smartphones.

The foldable iPad, precursor to a foldable iPhone…

Indeed, if success is not achieved, the negative impact on the brand will be limited. If successful, Apple would move on to the iPhone, which we would therefore not see before 2025 or 2026 at the earliest. Finally, let us remember that the company tends to make an impression when it enters a new market.