Netflix increases its prices

The price of two of the four Netflix subscription offers is increasing by two euros in France.

Following the announcement of its latest quarterly results, although positive, Netflix announces the increase in the price of some of its subscription options in the USA, the United Kingdom and… in France.

Update the price of Netflix subscription offers

The Essential and Premium offers are affected, increasing by two euros each. The price of the Essential with advertising and Standard offers remain unchanged. Here they are updated:

• Essential with advertising: €5.99/month • Essential: €10.99 (previously €8.99) • Standard: €13.49 • Premium €19.99 (previously €17.99)

Netflix has its say on the price increase

“As we deliver more value to our members, we sometimes ask them to pay a little more,” Netflix wrote in its latest letter to shareholders. Note that a recent rumor claimed that Netflix would wait until the end of the actors' strike in the USA to raise its prices... Well, ultimately, no.