iPhone 15 Pro case, homage to the iMac G3

Pretty colors for young people, symbol of resurrection for connoisseurs, here is iPhone 15 Pro protection from Spigen that makes sense.

A little bit of history to start. As you certainly know, Steve Jobs founded Apple in 1976, but the joys of going public - to summarize - saw him thrown out of his own company in 1985, which began to decline.

iPhone 15 Pro protective cases in homage to the Mac G3

It was only in 1997 that the child prodigy returned to the fold and managed to put the company back afloat, notably thanks to the audacious iMac G3 in 1998. This computer has the particularity of a design never seen on PCs of the time, both equipped with flashy pastel colors and a transparent texture allowing you to see the circuits. These are the visual codes adopted today by this series of protections for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max signed Spigen (available on Amazon).

An opaque colored part, and a falsely transparent part make up these retro cases, capable of protecting your Apple smartphone, in particular thanks to small air cushions at the four corners, which dissipate possible impacts in the event of a fall.