Telephoto lens of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, also for the 16 Pro?

The new “periscope” telephoto lens of the iPhone 15 Pro Max – with its “tetraprism” system – should be available on the smaller iPhone 16 Pro next year.

It is thanks to the respectable size of the new iPhone 15 Pro Max that Apple was able to integrate a x5 optical telephoto lens, with a system mentioned by rumor of the “periscope” type, and called “tetraprism” by the brand. In other words, its concept of folded and stacked lenses allows it to fit into a small space (but not too much).

iPhone 16 Pro with “tetraprism” telephoto lens and 6.3” screen

According to Taiwanese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this telephoto lens would also be found in the iPhone 16 Pro. He had already mentioned the possibility last summer, and recently reiterated it. In addition to better control of miniaturization, this feat could be achieved thanks to the enlargement of the Phone 16 Pro, whose screen would then increase to 6.3'' (16 cm) instead of 6.1'' ( 15.5 cm) as has been the case for several years.