iPhone 15 Pro Max mishandled, sensitive souls refrain (video)

Despite a titanium surround, the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max is not invincible in the face of the worst torture.

Be careful, you'll have to have your heart set. The video below shows a brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max undergoing the worst torture, in the name of science (and perversion).

iPhone 15 Pro Max, on the grill from the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel

The YouTube channel JerryRigEverything specializes in testing the strength of electronic gadgets, to verify manufacturers' claims regarding the robustness of their devices. And after the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 recently, it's the turn of the competition - Apple's iPhone 15 Pro Max - to go on their torture table.

iPhone 15 Pro Max, the resistance of the The screen is a strong point

Apple's latest high-end smartphone has suffered blows from a cutter, attempts to bend it and even flames on the screen. Bottom line: the device is not immortal but still holds up surprisingly well on certain points. The screen, for example, copes quite well with scratches, and even a lighter flame struggles to scratch it.

iPhone 15 Pro Max, weak point for the glass back

It is therefore necessary to use a good torch to damage the screen, a torch used to check that the perimeter of the device is indeed made of grade 5 titanium (this is validated). Small negative point and even surprising, an attempt to fold the iPhone quickly overcomes its glass back, which cracks almost as soon as force is exerted.