Nintendo Switch 2: features on the run!

Secrets die hard, and new details about the power of Nintendo's next console have been revealed.

The RedGamingTech YouTube channel (video below) got its hands on some interesting details following the latest Gamescom 2023 show, during which the Nintendo Switch 2 was reportedly demonstrated to hand-picked developers. Handpicked but not really reliable, since some of them gave up on what was presented to them.

Nintendo Switch 2, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in Ultra HD 4K and 60 fps

They apparently attended a demonstration of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild displayed in Ultra HD 4K at 60 fps on the new console. We learn in passing that it will be equipped with an Nvidia chip which will support an Ampere-Lovelace hybrid graphics processor capable of performance close to that of an Xbox Series S when the Switch 2 is in its dock and, therefore, connected to the television .

Nintendo Switch 2, nVidia DLSS technology on the menu

Performance in particular due to the Nvidia DLSS process (for Deep Learning Super Sampling) which takes advantage of artificial intelligence algorithms to improve the sharpness of an image as if it had initially been drawn in the displayed resolution. In its “portable” mode, the console should have power similar to that of the Asus Rog Ally.