USB-C on iPhone, “pride” for Apple

Forced by the European Union to abandon its Lightning format for the iPhone for USB-C, Apple will not present this change as a defeat, on the contrary.

Big step in sight for Apple which with the very next iPhone 15 should abandon its proprietary Lightning charging format to move to the USB-C standard. A change imposed by European legislation, but the manufacturer's frustration will not be communicated to its fans, on the contrary.

USB-C, a single port for iPhone, iPad and Mac computers

Indeed, according to the latest indiscretions collected by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple intends to present this new feature as positive for its consumers. No details on this subject but among the strong points that will be highlighted we will surely find the practical side of a single charging cable for several devices: iPhone, Mac and iPad.

USB-C, increased transfer speeds and compatibility with many third-party chargers

Also, compatibility with other third-party chargers will be an advantage, as will increased transfer and loading speed. Gurman points out that Apple has always presented change as a strength, and the company probably won't mention its disappointments with Europe.