TV in a suitcase? LG has done it with the StandbyME Go model!

Or when the fruit of an overflowing imagination materializes a few months later in a real marketed product…

Last year we presented this slightly crazy concept by a Korean designer named Hyeonseok Kang: a television to carry everywhere with you, since it is integrated into a suitcase. Not so crazy after all, this concept, since LG - also a Korean manufacturer, would like to come out with its own television, integrated into a suitcase.

LG StandbyMe Go TV in a suitcase

The device is called LG StanbyME Go and comes in the form of a 27'' LCD screen (connected to the case by a retractable, tilting and rotating arm. The case has a 20 W speaker as well as a a battery that only lasts three hours of viewing, however, enough to watch an entire film (for a Lord of the Rings long version marathon, you will have to find a power outlet).

Smart TV LG StandbyMe Go, with touchscreen

Note that the screen is touch-sensitive and can thus be used as a video game board (see photo below) and that it is compatible with AirPlay and webOS, the latter allowing access to applications found on other LG Smart TVs such as Netflix, Apple Music or Disney+.

Available only, for the moment, to United States via the brand's website. Indicative price: $1,000.