New handheld PlayStation? (concept)

There is little chance that Sony will return to the “real” handheld console market, of course, but we have the right to dream, right?

Think back to when PlayStation was leading the charge on both home consoles and handheld consoles. Time has passed, and the smartphone has established itself as the ultimate mobile gaming machine, even sending the leader Nintendo back to the roses, the latter nevertheless keeping a foothold in the field thanks to the Switch hybrid.

Portable PlayStation concept signed by designer Thiago Goulart

There is therefore little chance that Sony will return to the niche, even if the manufacturer is planning a “false” portable console, the Q Lite project, which will in fact only be an extension of the PlayStation 5 for streaming games. So, for those who miss the elegant PSP (PlayStation Portable) or its less popular successor, the PS Vita, designer Thiago Goulart has created this 3D concept of a portable PlayStation, with more rounded shapes than the original model.

As for its technical characteristics, one can easily imagine a 1080p Oled screen, a battery life with small onions, and backward compatibility with PSP and PS Vita games (available for purchase online of course).