LG Oled 2022 TV, Firmware Update to Fix Sudden Screen Darkening

After updating its 2023 Oled TV range to resolve the problem of the screen suddenly darkening while watching a movie, a football match or during a video game session, LG published a new Firmware a few days ago intended to correct these same problems on its 2022 Oled TV range.

Oled televisions offer a superb image but their technology, based on organic diodes, requires careful use. The latter, sensitive to heat, indeed risk a permanent alteration called Burn-in or marking in French in the event of display of a high luminosity for too long. This results in traces of ghost images appearing on the screen, interfering with the vision of the content.

LG Oled TV, sudden screen darkening problem

Oled televisions (here White Oled but QD Oled diffusers react in the same way), are therefore designed to lower the brightness of the screen in multiple situations, especially if a static image or portion of an image is detected . Among the many algorithms developed over the years by LG Display, the exclusive supplier of White Oled panels to LG but also Panasonic and Sony, there are three better known than others: Auto Static Brightness Limiter or ASBL, Average Picture Level or APL, Global Sticky Reduction or GSR and Temporal Peak Luminance Control or TPC.

Without going into too much detail, the problem of sudden darkening of the screen is mainly related to the APL and/or GSR processes. The first gradually lowers the brightness of the screen if it remains constant over time, the second triggers the principle of extreme precaution, the darkening of the screen when it identifies a static area in the image. And if Sony and Panasonic have largely dealt with the issue since their 2018 TV range, at the start of 2023 LG had not yet solved the problem on its televisions. Even if some of you, via a special remote control used by repairers to access the service menu, had circumvented the problem by directly disabling these parameters (under the constraint of losing the manufacturer's warranty).

LG Oled TV 2022, the Firmware ver. 03.33.65 solves the problem of darkening of the screen

After a first firmware proposed last March (see our LG Oled 2023 TV news, Firmware update to correct the sudden darkening of the screen) to solve the problem on its Oled 2023 TV range, LG has updated available a few days ago a new Firmware, version 03.33.65 (see capture above), intended for its 2022 Oled TV range (C2, G2 series) to solve exactly the same concerns. Thus, the LG C2 and LG G2 screens should no longer show an untimely drop in brightness with an image, whatever its nature. Except, of course, in the event of a fixed image (pause on a game or a Blu-Ray for example), always with a view to avoiding burning of the diodes. Please note that LG A2 and LG B2 series (such as LG B3) are not affected by this firmware update.

One question remains, will this software update be available in the future for previous generations of LG Oled TVs (2021, 2020)…?