Samsung connected ring, is it clear?

The clues continue to accumulate as to the imminent arrival of a connected ring produced by Samsung.

Samsung recently registered the brands Samsung Circle, Samsung Index, and Samsung Insight in the United Kingdom, suggesting that the manufacturer was preparing to launch a connected ring.

Galaxy Index, Galaxy Insight, and Galaxy Circle Trademarks

More recently, these administrative procedures have been clarified with the addition of the term Galaxy, resulting in the denominations Galaxy Index, Galaxy Insight, and Galaxy Circle. And in parallel, in Korea, the trademarks Galaxy One, Galaxy Pulse, and Galaxy Rhythm were registered. The latter terms have been categorized as “wearables, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and smart glasses.” The documents regarding these terms look at the software aspect and refer to them as "Applications for smart rings enabling tracking, collection, monitoring, detection, recognition, malfunction, transmission, management and evaluation biometric and physiological data, vital signs and personal health records, as well as to provide medical advice”.

In summary, Galaxy One, Galaxy Pulse, and Galaxy Rhythm could be the name of the applications allowing to interact with a connected ring, which will be called Galaxy Circle, Index, or Galaxy Insight. Source: Sammobile