Gardening drones, the future is in the meadow

Before stealing the work of humans in the city, the "great replacement" by our future masters of the world - the robots - will begin in the countryside.

The information may have been born last year but it continues to evolve and spread: the Israeli company Tevel Aerobotics Technologies is developing garden drones capable of analyzing fruits (and before that even of pollinating), then decide to pick them carefully, all autonomously thanks to the AI. Aim of the manoeuvre, to optimize yield by picking as many fruits as possible before they spoil and become less desirable.

Master and Servant

This work could be done by humans but the labor is not necessarily easy to find in quantity and at the right time, not to mention the difficulty. Take a look at the video below to see how these machines work, a scene bordering on surrealism that seems straight out of a rural version of Blade Runner (Blade Rural?).

Already deployed in Italy, in the United States and Chile, robot harvesters should arrive in France next year. Prepare to welcome your future masters.