What's new on iOS17?

Non-exhaustive list of improvements that your iPhones will benefit from at the start of the school year with the new update to the iOS operating system.

Alongside the Vision Pro headphones and other new features, Apple announced the next iOS17 at the WWDC 2023 conference. . our news Is your iPhone compatible with iOS17?), you will be able to download this version at the start of the next school year.

iOS17, the main new features

Here are some of the new features that iOS17 will bring:

• Button in the Control Center to find your Apple Watch if it is lost

• Several simultaneous stopwatches, finally!

• Improved Visual Search with the camera, for example to find the recipe for a photographed dish

• Customization of contact cards to customize the appearance of your contact details page and incoming calls

• Real-time text transcription of messages on the answering machine

• Name Drop: sharing contact information between two users, just by bringing their iPhones closer to each other

• Improved automatic correction via new algorithms of artificial intelligence