QD Oled TV panels, Samsung Display targets 30% cost reduction

According to the research firm DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultant), the manufacturer of QD Oled Samsung Display TV panels plans to reduce the cost of their manufacture by around 30% in 2023 thanks to both a better use of the production lines and an even better output at the end of the line. Thus, the manufacturing cost of a 65'' (165-cm) QD Oled TV panel should be $750, considerably reducing the gap with a similarly sized panel of White Oled technology from LG Display.

Already 90%, the yield of the Samsung Display Q1 production line in Asan which manufactures QD Oled 34 '' (86 cm), 49 '' (124 cm), 55 '' (140 cm), 65 '' panels (165 cm) and 77'' (196 cm) should increase further, as will its occupancy rate. While the latter was 77% in 2022 and Samsung Display aims for 89% in 2023.

Comparative cost of QD Oled and White Oled panels In the end, DSCC announces that the cost price of a 65'' panel, from just under $1,100 in 2022, should be around $750 in 2023. On the other hand, productivity gains for following years, still according to DSCC, will be limited. In 2026, the analyst firm estimates that the manufacturing cost of a 65” QD Oled panel will come down to $600 (based on a Gen 8.5 production line).

At the same time, DSCC predicts lower manufacturing costs for LG Display's White Oled panels. In 2023, a 55'' White Oled EX panel made in China at the Guangzhou factory is expected to fall below $400, approach €300 in 2024 and close to $200 in 2026. The cost of a panel 65 '' produced in Guanzhou is estimated, again by DSCC, at $500 in 2023 ($650 at the LG Display plant in Paju, Korea).

As we can see, the Cbine maintains a significant competitive advantage in terms of cost of production compared to South Korea.