Abattoir 5 Prestige Edition, the traumas of war in all eras

Sci-fi classic and autobiographical story adapted from the eponymous novel by Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007), Slaughterhouse 5 recounts its author's painful experience as a soldier and the bombardment of Dresden in Germany. George Roy Hill's film, which already in 1972 piled up the different levels of reality and eras, is announced in Prestige Blu-Ray edition at Carlotta.

Billy Pilgrim (Michael Sacks) lives a smooth life with his wife and children. But one thing animates him and worries those close to him: he says he has the gift of time travel. He then begins to wander between his past as a soldier during the Second World War, his present in America in the 1950s and his future on the planet Tralfamadore.

A rich and vehement pamphlet and, at the same time, imbued with great wisdom, recalling the essential nature of the imagination in Man. The multiple levels of reading will be available to anyone who knows how to ignore the tightness and emotional coldness of the material. Because it should not be forgotten that the hero/author, returned from hell safe and sound in appearance, still bears the stigmata and will protect himself from pain by keeping away from the world. And therefore men.

Precious analysis of the film by Jean-Baptiste Thoret

Restored in 4K for the first time, the film, the full review of which can be found here, returns this time to the publisher Carlotta in a limited Prestige edition with memorabilia (and single Blu-Ray). On the menu for the most exclusive edition (€20, indicative price):

• The film in VO/VF DTS-HD Master Audio 1.0, 1.85 aspect ratio respected

• The evolution of Pilgrim: the shooting of Slaughterhouse 5 (14 minutes)The actor Perry King looks back on his first steps in the cinema with the role of Robert Pilgrim, archetype of the son of a good American family, and on his relationship with George Roy Hill on the set, of great simplicity

• Picking up time: Abattoir 5 , the documentary (15 minutes)Assistant producer Robert Crawford Jr. also made a behind-the-scenes documentary on Abattoir 5, which was never completed. It recounts the filming between the United States and the Czech Republic and George Roy Hill's involvement in this film

• The Pilgrim of Oz (16 minutes) Dark version of the Wizard of Oz, Slaughterhouse 5 famous, through the character of Billy the survivor, the power of the imagination. An analysis of the film by Jean-Baptiste Thoret, film historian and director.

• Original trailer

• Facsimile of the promo brochure from the time • Set of 12 lobby cards

• Attach