63,000 € for a first iPhone of the name of 2007

Still in blister packaging, one of the very first original iPhones -yet one- was a huge success at a recent auction.

After a similar sale late last year for a whopping €39,000, auction house LCG Auction recently sold another original iPhone from 2007, this time for $63,356.40. Like the previous model, the device had the particularity of being in its box still in its original blister.

To be or not to blister

How can such a collector's item exist, you ask? Well, its owner had been offered the smartphone at the time, but being tied to a phone contract that was not iPhone compatible, she hadn't found the point of using her device at the time, so to open the box. Besides, she had told herself that an iPhone couldn't go out of fashion and that she would open it later. LOL!

Anyway, good thing he never took the blister off since even if you have an old iPhone lying around, you won't get much out of it unless it's in its original package.