Foldable iPhone without buttons?

In addition to a notable aspect, the future foldable screen iPhone could be tactile and interactive over its entire surface.

We're still waiting for the foldable screen iPhone, so rumors continue to fuel hopes that it will arrive one day.

iPhone touch also on the edges

The latest news concerns a patent recently granted to Apple, describing a smartphone whose surface - not just the screen - is tactile and interactive. Not bad. But the document clearly mentions the integration of this technology in a foldable screen device. Indeed, reduced in size when folded, such a smartphone can generate more inaccuracies in user interactions. Suddenly, Apple proposes to integrate edges sensitive to the touch, getting rid of the buttons, mechanical elements which could also disappear from the next iPhone 15 Pro. The user could thus click and slide his finger on the edges of the smartphone to use the applications, without obstructing the screen.

As always, let's remember that patents do not confirm that a product is in development, but provide important clues as to the directions explored internally by its manufacturer. Source: Apple Insider