Two ports, Lightning and USB-C, on iPhone! (video)

While waiting (not for very long now) for the USB-C standard to replace Lightning on the iPhone, a Korean handyman shows that the two connectors can coexist on the same device!

The iPhone 15 range this year should normally be the first to give in to European legislation to abandon the proprietary Apple Lightning format in favor of the USB-C standard.

iPhone 12 Mini with Lightning and USB-C ports in South Korea

As early as 2021, a slightly crazy Swiss engineer was already having fun butchering his iPhone to replace the Lightning port with USB-C. Our latest handyman comes from South Korea and he went even further, since not content with grafting a USB-C port into his iPhone 12 Mini, he managed to keep the Lightning one. Two for the price of one, and both work. The procedure is detailed on the video below, and we notice that the speaker had to be partially removed to make room for the new port. But the height of ingenuity, the audio component has been put back where there was room!