PlayStation 5, easier to find with rising stocks

Hard to find in stores or online until now, the PlayStation 5 should now be less rare, according to Sony.

At the CES show in Las Vegas earlier this year, Jim Ryan - CEO of Sony Computer - announced that the PS5 would be easier to find in stores. An announcement that follows two lean years, the console having suffered production and distribution difficulties since its release at the end of 2020.

PlayStation 5, rising stocks and a new advertising campaign

Recently, Sony confirmed this announcement by stating that the PlayStation 5 will be easier to find in the following regions in particular: United States, United Kingdom, France (yay!), Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Incidentally, the brand is launching a new advertising spot (video below) called "Live from PS5" or "Live from PS5", in which a live news channel covers a world invaded by the biggest hits of the console from Sony.