Blu-Ray audience, attendance record for January 2023

On this last day of the first month of the year 2023, the editorial staff of AVCesar is happy to share with you good news, great news. The site, your site, had the best month in its history in January 2023 with a record audience of just over 1.5 million unique visitors. A big, huge thank you to all of you!

As you know, we don't talk much about shops in our columns, reluctant to gargle about the figures for such a section or such paper... This is an area that we leave in the hands of our advertising department, working on our part to the development of the editorial. But today is an exception, with a statement in our news feed about our audience, which is growing every year and which reinforces our work.

AVCesar, more than 1.5 million unique visitors in January 2023

While we wanted to wait until the very end of the month of the Roman god Janus to mention this audience record, probably a little to be sure we believed it, probably also a little out of superstition, it had been several weeks since the The site's stats predicted not only record attendance in January, but also the passing of a symbolic milestone for us, that of one and a half million unique visitors (VU).

Ambitions revised upwards and new AVCesar site to come…

Symbolic because after having reached one million VUs over a month three years ago, we had associated the objective of 1.5 million VUs with the new formula of the site, in preparation for some time and planned for 2023, 15 years after its birth on March 12, 2008. We are therefore obliged (and happy) to revise our ambitions upwards and now aim for 2 million VU for the next version of AVCesar. On the other hand, we cannot (do not want…) to communicate to you the date of putting the new site online, there is still a lot of work to be done and we know from experience that it is extremely difficult for us to not to say impossible, to hold a date. However, we can tell you that the site is going to be reviewed from top to bottom, both in terms of form with a significantly more modern layout, hyper-intuitive navigation and a completely renewed graphic charter, and in terms of content with new dedicated sections to the general public but also to professionals.

CES in Las Vegas 2023, audience record for 15 years

To come back to the record audience of this first month of the year, traditionally excellent thanks to a wealth of news, the CES show in Las Vegas on the one hand, the winter sales on the other hand, it is a another remarkable point to note, the incredible "card" of our report on the CES 2023. Annual meeting for the editorial staff of for nearly 35 years (the journalists of the editorial staff previously officiated on the paper magazine Home Ciné DVD, and even before on the computer and video game monthlies ST Magazine and Génération 4), the 2023 edition is to be marked with a milestone with more than 1 million UV for the period from Monday January 2 to Tuesday evening January 10. Admittedly, you have discovered a world preview on of the essential new LG products (from 13/12 for the LG G3 series and from 15/12 for the LG M3 series, in great detail), the same for the new Klipsch, those signed Hisense… But still, more than 1 million UVs in just 10 days, it's really phenomenal.