The 50 most visited sites in the world

If you ever wondered which are the most visited websites in the world…

Based on the latest Similarweb data, Visual Capitalist has compiled the list of the 50 most visited websites in the world.

Google, Meta and Twitter, American groups, kings of the audience

Since last October, the podium has naturally not moved, and the first three positions are occupied by Google with 85.1 billion monthly visits, YouTube with 33 billion and Facebook with 17.8 billion. Note that the first two accumulate more traffic than the other 48 following sites in the ranking combined. The Top 5 is completed by Twitter and Instagram. Precision, YouTube has the particularity of also being number two in the ranking of the longest sessions for each visit. The first place here is occupied by the Chinese video sharing site Bilibili.

Namely, since the beginning of 2021, among the notable sites out of this Top 50 are Walmart and PayPal. As for newcomers, we note the New York Times and Samsung.