CES 23 > Gaming 4K/60 fps in 2023 on LG Smart TV with nVidia GeForce Now

LG introduces a new section dedicated to streaming video games on the WebOS interface of its Smart TVs.

LG Game Card is a new section dedicated to video games on LG Smart TVs in the WebOS interface. This "gaming" center integrates several Cloud gaming services such as Blacknut, Utomik, and now Luna and Boosteroid.

Gaming in Ultra HD 4K and 60 fps via GeForceNow nVidia

Also note that nVidia's GeForce Now service, already available in Full HD on 2021 and 2022 vintage LG televisions equipped with webOS 6.0 or later, will be available on 2023 models. It will soon enable Ultra HD 4K streaming on certain patterns, up to 60 frames per second.

Owners of LG televisions will thus be among the first to benefit from such streaming for Cloud Gaming on the big screen, requiring only a good internet connection and a compatible controller.