Knives Out 2: Glass Onion is off to a pretty good start on Netflix

Knives Out 2: Glass Onion is starting slowly but surely on Netflix.

The sequel to Knives Out starring Daniel Craig, still directed by Rian Johnson, has accumulated more than 82.1 million hours of viewing between December 23 and 25 on Netflix, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The platform claims that the film reached 35 million households over the Christmas weekend. It is just below Unforgivable with Sandra Bullock (85.9 million hours of viewing at the time of its release). This is the sixth best start for a Netflix movie.

Who does better?

A nice score that is still quite far from the start of Red Notice, the action film starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, and its 148.72 million hours of viewing. Also below Don't Look Up at 111.03 million viewing hours, The Adam Project with Ryan Reynolds at 92.43 million hours and The Gray Man with Ryan Gosling which has accumulated 88.55 million watch hours on startup.

Dearest candle?

It's all relative, but when you know that Netflix paid $450 million to buy out the license rights and injected an additional 40 million for the production of Glass Onion, you can tell yourself that the platform was certainly expecting better in terms of starting score. Was the game worth the very expensive candle? A puzzle not yet solved! Recall that The Gray Man with Ryan Gosling, which had started at 88.55 million hours of viewing, had continued its course to reach 253.9 million hours of viewing in 28 days. And that it is currently the fourth highest grossing Netflix film.