200 Mpxls sensor and even better images on Galaxy S23

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone might be even better at capturing images in low light conditions.

Rumors are already circulating about the image capture capabilities of Samsung's next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S23, including the integration for the first time of a 200 Mpxls sensor -signed Samsung- in the Korean manufacturer's mobile. And according to leaker IceUniverse, this bespoke module should vastly improve images captured in low light conditions.

Samsung Galaxy S23, hardware and software photo improvements

These improvements should be based in particular on the hardware side, i.e. the sensor, even if the software part -via better quality algorithms- could also give a boost. Good news for those who were worried about the capture capabilities of the 200 Mpxls module, because the higher the resolution, the smaller the photosites, the less light they capture, making it more difficult to shoot in low light.