T-shirt with integrated air conditioning… for dogs and cats

It is hot, very hot even, and humans are not the only ones to suffer from the temperature.

It could only happen in Japan and now it is: pets can wear “air-conditioned clothes”. It is the company Sweet Mommy who created this essential gadget called Cool Dog. Don't worry, cats can wear them too, and we're sure they love it…

Cool Chihuahua

The concept consists of a small fan attached to a breathable fabric garment, which helps to diffuse the fresh air around the animal's body. The creator of Cool Dog -Rei Uzawa- admits to having been inspired by the portable air conditioning unit Reon from Sony, as well as by the suffering of her poor chihuahua during her walks in the heat. The city of Tokyo, for example, recently experienced temperatures above 35° for more than a week.

Available in several sizes (for small and medium animals) at an indicative price of €73, only in Japan.