What's new on Amazon Prime Video in August?

A summer so hot that we prefer to stay in the living room? Perfect opportunity to discover what the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform offers us for the month of August 2022.

Additional programs arrive every month on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform, from original and exclusive productions to highly anticipated catalog programs.

Sylvester Stallone as a superhero

So here is what the platform has in store for you this month of January, with in particular the return of league 1 and 2 football matches, but also the first superhero film for Sylvester Stallone: Samaritan (see photo below ). And to stay in tune, you will also find the Rambo trilogy (without the dispensable sequels), as well as the Indiana Jones trilogy (here, on the other hand, the fourth episode was invited even though we didn't ask for it)


- All or nothing: Arsenal season 1 – 4 (August 4)

- A League of their Own season 1 – 12 (August 12)

- Making the Cut season 3 (August 19)- Romulus season 1 (August 26)

Films and documentaries

- Last Seen Alive (August 1)

- Jexi (August 1)

- The mustache (August 1)- Alexandre (August 1)- A meeting ( August 1)- Case Départ (August 1)- The Crocodile of Botswanga (August 1)- A Separation (August 1)- Welcome Aboard (August 1)- Paradise Lost (August 1)- Didier (August 1)- Rampage: Out of Control (August 1)- Oslo, August 31 (August 1)- Reason of State (August 1)- Palo Alto (August 1)- All On Stage (August 1)- Protect and Serve (August 1)- Showgirls (August 1)- Indiana Jones franchise (1 to 4) (August 1)- People kissing (August 1)- Miraï, my little sister (August 1)- Counter-investigation (August 1)- Thirteen Lives ( August 5)- Franchise Rambo (1 to 3) (August 9)- Dora and the Lost City (August 14)

- First Love (August 19)

- Thalasso (August 21)

- A day to die (August 22)

- Troubled waters (August 22)

- Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby (August 26)

- Fury (August 26)

- Samaritan (August 26)