They registered the name "iPhone" before Apple: good luck to them...

A Brazilian company attacks Apple, claiming to have registered the name "iPhone" before the smartphone giant.

Brazilian company IGB Eletrônica (also known as Gradiente) registered the "Gradiente iPhone" trademark in 2000, seven years before Apple's first iPhone was released.

Gradient iPhone, Android smartphone

Problem, it took eight years for the trademark registration to be accepted. This did not prevent the company from releasing an Android smartphone called Gradiente iPhone in 2012, naturally triggering the ire of Apple's lawyers and their obtaining from the Brazilian regulator the cancellation of the registered trademark for this smartphone.

Apple too strong for Brazilian right?

Gradiente then lost his mark, and took the case to Brazil's supreme court in 2020. No date has been set for the trial, but Brazil's attorney general -Augusto Aras-

- leans on the side of Apple, explaining that due to the "occurring context" - namely the current domination of the world market by Apple - the rights of the name "iPhone" cannot be granted to whoever registered it first. Bad luck… Source: Channel News