Netflix subscribers unimpressed by future cheaper option

Cheaper Netflix with ads is coming soon, yes, but current subscribers aren't really interested.

The Whip Media consultancy surveyed 2,460 US Netflix subscribers in early May 2022, about the streaming platform's upcoming new, cheaper, ad-supported option.

For the moment, it's rather no

As a reminder, while Netflix was shouting loud and clear that there would never be any ads on its service, tough competition and a gloomy first quarter got the better of these beliefs. This new option, less expensive than the Essential subscription (currently €8.99), will aim to attract new subscribers.

But for current subscribers, this new rate does not seem attractive. Indeed, 72% of respondents say they will not switch to this option, and therefore they will not abandon their current subscription. Only 14% think there is a chance that they will be able to try this new rate. It remains to be seen how much the option - which could arrive at the end of the year - will attract new followers at Netflix.