Facial recognition cat flap of course…

Unwanted animals will no longer enter your home thanks to this little door that recognizes the "face" of your cat or dog.

We don't stop progress anymore even if, sometimes, we wonder if we shouldn't slow down a bit. Either way, pet owners who have trouble with their cat flap should be happy.

Facial recognition cat flap

Recently successfully funded on Kickstarter (raised over $90,000 for a goal of $10,000), Petvation is a cat flap equipped with infrared cameras. For neophytes, know that a cat flap is the small hinged door at the bottom of a normal door, allowing you to let your dog or cat in and out of the house. On the other hand, the cameras you know what it is, and there, they have the task of recognizing your animal so that only it can pass and that the unwanted guests stay outside (and thus avoid a lot of fights).

It's the camera that says who comes in, it's the camera that says who doesn't come in…

Also usable as an outdoor surveillance camera, the device is naturally controlled with a mobile application. You can also open/close the door remotely, or even set a curfew to prevent kitty or pooch from going out in the middle of the night.