Disney: the milestone of 116 million subscribers

While last May, the Disney + streaming platform had just over 100 million subscribers, three months later that figure reached 116 million.

Disney + keeps up the pace! That of subscriptions of course with a subscriber base increasing by 16 million in just three months. As a reminder, the OTT service of the firm with big ears had 57.5 million subscribers in early July 2020.

Disney + still far from its full subscriber potential

And when we know that the platform has just been launched in Malaysia and Thailand, that it is expected soon in South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, that it works at least in Japan before a full tank development planned for October, and that its availability in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and South Africa is announced for the summer of 2022, Disney + is far from its commercial potential and should still experience many quarters of growth.

See you on November 11, the second anniversary of the launch of Disney +, to discover, without a doubt, a few million new service aficionados. It remains to be seen how many they will be, the bets are off…