Captain America drops his old iPhone 6S

Actor Chris Evans (aka Captain America) shares heartbreaking news with his fans.

On June 23, actor Chris Evans -notably known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel films- shared on his Twitter and Instagram accounts some news that may break your heart: he is giving up his faithful iPhone 6S to upgrade to the latest iPhone 13 Pro.

The word to Chris Evans

“We had a great time. I will miss your Home button, writes Evans. What I won't miss are the nightly battles trying to recharge you, or your blurry photos, or your battery going from 100% to 15% to completely dead, in minutes. It was a hell of a trip. Rest in peace buddy”.

Damn Chris go. Note, however, that it was time for the change to take place. The iPhone 6S still dates from 2015 and for the first time it will not be compatible with the next version of iOS.