Liverpool/Real Madrid, Champions League final in 4K HDR Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos, updated on Sony Smart TV

A few days ago, we published an update on the broadcast in Ultra HD 4K and HDR Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos of the final of the Football Champions League which will oppose the English club of Liverpool on Saturday May 28 and the Spanish of Real Madrid at the Stade de France. Sony gives details to take advantage of it on the brand's televisions as well as the list of its references concerned.

Sony specifies that the broadcast will be provided via an Ultra HD 4K HDR Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos signal in 50 frames per second offered by the myCanal application on Sony Smart TVs equipped with Android TV or Google TV.

Canal+ channel UEFA Champions League Final (channel 291)

For the occasion, the Canal+ Finale UEFA Champions League channel will be available (channel 291) and accessible from the Live tab of myCanal. It will be available in Sports and UEFA Champions League themes. And to find out if you are concerned, Sony communicates the list of its Smart TVs, from the 2018 range, on which it will be possible to enjoy them.

Sony TV list compatible with Champions League Ultra HD 4K Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos signal

Sony XR-75Z9K, Sony XR-85Z9K, Sony XR-65X95K, Sony XR-75X95K, Sony XR-85X95K, Sony XR-55A95K, Sony XR-65A95K, Sony XR-42A90K, Sony XR-48A90K, Sony XR- 55A80K, Sony XR-65A80K, Sony XR-77A80K, Sony XR-55A83K, Sony XR-65A83K, Sony XR-75A83K, Sony XR-55A84K, Sony XR-65A84K, Sony XR-75A84K, Sony XR-55X90K, Sony XR- 65X90K, Sony XR-75X90K, Sony XR-85X90K, Sony XR-55X92K, Sony XR-65X92K, Sony XR-75X92K, Sony XR-85X92K, Sony XR-55X93K, Sony XR-65X93K, Sony XR-75X93K, Sony XR- 85X93K, Sony XR-55X94K, Sony XR-65X94K, Sony XR-75X94K, Sony XR-85X94K, Sony XR-50X90S, Sony XR-55X90S, Sony XR-50X92S, Sony XR-55X92S, Sony XR-50X94S, Sony XR- 55X94S, Sony XR-5092K, Sony KD-43X85K, Sony KD-50X85K, Sony KD-55X85K, Sony KD-65X85K, Sony KD-75X85K, Sony KD-85X85K, Sony KD-43X89K, Sony KD-50X89K, Sony KD- 55X89K, Sony KD-65X89K, Sony KD-75X89K, Sony KD-85X89K, Sony KD-43X80K, Sony KD-50X80K, Sony KD-55X80K, Sony KD-65X80K, Sony KD-75X80K, Sony KD-43X81K, Sony KD- 50X81K, Sony KD-55X81K, Sony KD-65X81K, Sony KD-7 5X81K, Sony KD-43X82K, Sony KD-50X82K, Sony KD-55X82K, Sony KD-65X82K, Sony KD-75X82K, Sony XR-75Z9J, Sony XR-85Z9J, Sony XR-55A90J, Sony XR-65A90J, Sony XR- 83A90J, Sony XR-55A80J, Sony XR-65A80J, Sony XR-77A80J, Sony XR-55A83J, Sony XR-65A83J, Sony XR-77A83J, Sony XR-55A84J, Sony XR-65A84J, Sony XR-77A84J, Sony XR- 65X95J, Sony XR-75X95J, Sony XR-85X95J, Sony XR-50X90J, Sony XR-55X90J, Sony XR-65X90J, Sony XR-75X90J, Sony XR-50X92J, Sony XR-55X92J, Sony XR-65X92J, Sony XR- 75X92J, Sony XR-50X93J, Sony XR-55X93J, Sony XR-65X93J, Sony XR-75X93J, Sony XR-50X94J, Sony XR-55X94J, Sony XR-65X94J, Sony XR-75X94J, Sony KD-48A9, Sony KD- 55A8, Sony KD-65A8, Sony KD-85XH95, Sony KD-55XH95, Sony KD-65XH95, Sony KD-75XH95, Sony KD-49XH95, Sony KD-55XH90, Sony KD-65XH90, Sony KD-75XH90, Sony KD- 85XH90, Sony KD-55XH92, Sony KD-65XH92, Sony KD-75XH92, Sony KD-85XH92, Sony KD-43XH80, Sony KD-49XH80, Sony KD-55XH80, Sony KD-65XH80, Sony KD-75XH80, Sony KD- 85XH80, Sony KD-43XH8196, Sony KD-49XH8196, Sony Sony KD-55XH8196, Sony KD-65XH8196, Sony KD-43XH85, Sony KD-49XH85, Sony KD-43XH91, Sony KD-49XH91, Sony KD-85ZG9, Sony KD-98ZG9, Sony KD-55AG9, Sony KD-65AG9, Sony Sony KD-77AG9, Sony KD-55XG95, Sony KD-65XG95, Sony KD-75XG95, Sony KD-85XG95, Sony KD-55XG85, Sony KD-65XG85, Sony KD-75XG85, Sony KD-85XG85, Sony KD-55AF9, Sony KD-65AF9, Sony KD-65ZF9, Sony KD-75ZF9