Samsung The Freestyle projector in Bouygues Telecom's Triple Play offer

The new Samsung The Freestyle projector has been added to the list of products compatible with Bouygues' Triple Play offer.

Bouygues Telecom inaugurated a unique Tripe Play offer two years ago since it uses a Samsung Smart TV as a box to be connected.

Bbox Smart TV offer with the Samsung The Freestyle video projector

This Bbox Smart TV range continues to grow, this time with the new The Freestyle projector worthy of Samsung, offered at an indicative price of €399 instead of €999 for any new subscription to a Bbox Smart TV offer.

Samsung The Freestyle with integrated B.TV+ application

Unveiled at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, The Freestyle is a lightweight (830g) projector that's easy to move around. Tilting 180°, it projects a Full HD image up to 100'' (254 cm) diagonally on the wall or on the ceiling. It also features the Tizen interface and 360° omni-directional sound and can be used as a Bluetooth speaker. This Bouygues Telecom version integrates the B.TV+ application allowing access to all of the operator's available content and services (more than 180 TV channels, replay, Recorder 100 h, etc.).